Sierra Forward Town Hall Presents:

It Was All a Lie

“It Was All a Lie is not just an indictment of the Republican Party, but a candid and often lacerating mea culpa. Stevens is not asking for pity or forgiveness; he is simply telling us what he has seen firsthand. He helped to create the modern party that kneels before a morally bankrupt con man and now he wants nothing more than to see what it has become burned to the ground.”

To discuss this topic Sierra Forward was pleased to present Mr. Stuart Stevens, former GOP media consultant, one of the founders of The Lincoln Project, and author of “It Was All a Lie” in a Town Hall Sept.14, 2023.

Check out the much requested recording by clicking here:

Mr. Stevens argues, “When a party stands for nothing… it is only natural that it will be taken over by the loudest and angriest voices in the room.”