Dear Friends and Fellow Concerned Voters.

I don’t know who coined the slogan “Think Global. Act Local,” but it certainly applies to Sierra Forward and what we are all about.

America’s democracy is under assault. We saw an attack play out graphically on January 6, 2021, and we have seen it spread at the local and state levels across the nation—even in our local communities of the Sierra, the foothills, and nearby valleys. 

At the same time, we know that crucial issues—matters that affect all of us, as well as our children and grandchildren—are being ignored, short-changed, or used to score partisan political points. Meanwhile, the reapportionment and redistricting process upended multiple jurisdictions—people who theoretically “represented” many of us no longer do; others are now seeking voters’ support.

Witnessing all of this and knowing that we cannot be mere bystanders but must remain engaged, active, and determined members of our communities, Sierra Forward has redefined its mission, redirected (and broadened) our focus, and set our sights beyond what once was the Fourth Congressional District.

We continue to “think global,” but we are acting locally—on issues such as:

  1. Water policy 
  2. Forest management 
  3. Wildfire prevention, control, and insurance 
  4. Rural health care 
  5. Transportation 
  6. Broadband 
  7. Education 
  8. Sustainable economic development 
  9. Housing and homelessness

And to advance that agenda we are looking beyond Congressional and legislative races and are searching for like-minded candidates at the local level—Boards of Supervisors, county-wide offices, school boards, city councils, special districts. ALL OF WHICH ARE NON-PARTISAN OFFICES under the California Constitution. We are interested in policies more than partisan politics. Most of the Sierra Forward leadership is made up of Democrats or former Democrats, it is true, but some are independents. We think of ourselves as responsible pragmatists. We are in search of candidates and campaigns that feel as we do. That not only is our Republic a stake, but so too are our communities.

If you agree with us, if you share our values and our concerns, if you are less interested in who is “red” or “blue,” but who is right on the things that matter, we want you to join us. Donate. Volunteer. Pitch in. It matters.

Sincerely, Corley Phillips, Chair