Sierra Forward Endorses Anthony DeMattei 

In District 3 Sierra Forward is endorsing current Vice Chair of the Placer County Planning Commission Anthony DeMattei. Anthony is an advocate for maintaining open spaces and for low-cost work force housing, two things that put him out of favor with the real estate developers that fund most of the Placer BoS races. He is running “to give back to the community,” and will not be afraid to push back on development proposals that do not work for the entire community.

He has first-hand knowledge of homelessness in Placer County, as he and his family volunteer at homeless shelters, and he believes that it requires a better marshaling of federal, state, and local resources to step up and address this problem. Anthony DeMattei is running against two other candidates. Mike Murray is deeply active in trying to remove the rights of disenfranchised people in an aggressive and verbally charged manner. Dave Butler is endorsed by real estate development trade organizations and has advocated bending the rules on development; he also has little respect or patience with constituents whose views differ from his.